Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro

Straddling a spit of sand between a gorgeous lagoon and the open Atlantic, Saquarema is a laid-back little town 100km east of Rio. Polluting industries are forbidden in the municipality; the waters are clean, and fish and shrimp are abundant. Touted as the surfing capital of Brazil, its unmarred shoreline also attracts sportfishing enthusiasts and sun worshippers. The surrounding area is a horse-breeding and fruit-growing center; you can visit the orchards and pick fruit, or rent horses or a jeep and take to the hills. Most local pousadas can arrange these activities.

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Saquarema (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˌsakwɐˈɾẽmɐ]) is a town and a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. Its population is 73,421 (2013) and its area is 353,566km².[1] It is located almost 100 km east of Rio de Janeiro.[2] It is known as Brazil's surfing capital. During the mid-19th century, the Conservative Party and its leaders were known as "Saquarema" because of their base of support here. The name of this bright city comes from the brazilian indians words: Socó (bird) , Rema (big)


Itaúna Beach is one of Saquarema's most famous beaches and is the stage of professional volleyball and surfing championships. Other notable beaches are Barra Nova, Boqueirão, Jaconé, Vilatur and Vila. Surfing is the major sport in the city. The city was also chosen by the Brazil national volleyball team for volleyball training and the main center for athletes of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation. Paragliding and hang gliding are popular as well.

The Igreja Nossa Senhora de Nazareth (The Church of Our Lady of Nazareth) sits on a cliff above the town's lake and coastline and is a center for religious and cultural tourism.

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