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Explore & Stay: Brazil



Florianópolis, Brazil

Florianópolis is the capital city and second largest city of Santa Catarina, a state in the Southern region of Brazil. It is composed of one main island, the Island of Santa Catarina, a continental area and many surrounding small islands. The city is known for having a very high quality of life, being the Brazilian capital city with the highest Human Development Index score.


Start dreaming about “Floripa” and find the ideal budget to enjoy the Island. You can choose amongst many hostels, Inns and Pousadas around. A diversity of businesses cater to extended stay in apartments and condos. Click here to see more.


In fact, here´s a tip: a budget of $40 dollars or R$100 reais a day can buy you bed, breakfast, shower at a Hostel by the beach and food, of course. Get in line and save; you can also try the “lanchonetes” which sell sandwiches, delicious milk shakes, açai juices, bottled water and more for decent prices which will not break your savings account.


Now let´s add: Bed R$40 with free breakfast + R$10 for food +R$12 Public Transportation to take you to other beaches in the area+ Snacks, juices, bottled water, R$18. And you can still invest R$20 on a round trip boat ride to Costa da Lagoa. How about a drink at your Hostel? The first one at happy hour is free. Does it look attractive? So, pack and go.


To spend a few days at the beach, especially during peak season, you must prepare in advance. Check local transportation, airport, roads if you decide to drive and the rodoviária (Bus station). It´s Ok to spend a few hours to get to the beaches after you land or bus-ride to the beaches of Florianópolis.  It will all depend where you choose to stay and go. Traffic can be jammed anytime during the day from the continent to the best shores during peak season. Try to find a nice place and stay there at least a couple of days or more if you can. So you don´t have to move too much around.  If you can spare 10 days to enjoy “Floripa”, you will be blessed. Believe me, so many attractions...


Visit Florianópolis, a beachgoer, surfer´s and diver´s paradise. A wonderful place to meet people. 


 Joaquina Beach, one of the most visited.

Lagoinha Beach

Beach Volleyball is very popular, both in Brazil and the United States


One of the trips we took to Campeche Island.


Rio de Janeiro (Rio das Ostras) 

Pousada do Marujo (Marujo’s Inn)


Located in a secluded and wild beach in Rio das Ostras, Rio de Janeiro. A perfect place for an “elope”, extended vacation or just relaxation near “Virgem Beach” in Rio das Ostras. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Tiki Bar. Music and Dance. Cozy and comfortable accomodations. Between Buzios and Macaé. An unforgetable stay! 




Call 011-55-22 99251-5745

and ask for Marisel

Rooftop view from Pousada do Marujo



In Love with Negril, Jamaica

Negril is a place of such simple, yet surreal beauty. Hotels and restaurants are built into the area’s rocky cliffs and the brightly painted vending stalls and shacks only add to the town’s charisma and laid-back charm. Even if you can’t cross all the activities off our list, you’ll enjoy every minute of exploring this tiny paradise.  One of Jamaica’s most beautiful beaches is actually only four miles long, but it seems to go on much farther as the gentle lapping of crystal blue water wraps around the white sand coastline.  Read More on https://theculturetrip.com/caribbean/jamaica/articles/10-things-to-do-in-negril/

Buzzing nightlife, beautiful beaches, fun-filled watersports and friendly locals – Negril, Jamaica, has something for every type of holidaymaker. With so much on offer, it can be difficult to choose what do and see.  To help you decide, we have put together a list of the best things to do in Negril Jamaica to make your trip unforgettable.

The Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Located in the hills, the Blue Hole Mineral Spring is one of the best off the beaten path things to do in Negril, Jamaica. It sits beneath a hollow opening in the land and is completely enclosed by Karst limestone. The naturally occurring minerals in the limestone act as an underground filter. This creates the steady surge of water, leaving behind a luxuriously pure bath of minerals for visitors to enjoy.


Catamaran Sunset Cruise 

Watersports – Things to do in Negril Jamaica

Negril really is a watersport lover’s dream! Kayaking, paddleboards, sailing, snorkelling, waterskiing, windsurfing – you really will be spoilt for choice! Want to take your love of the water to the next level? Read more:


Kool Runnings Adventure Park


If you prefer your water fun in a theme park, visit Negril’s popular Kool Runnings Adventure Park. From riding on a bamboo raft and paintballing to canoeing, and even spinning in a human gyroscope, this park offers a variety of different experiences for you and your partner1


Have you visited Negril and have something to add to the list? Tweet @couplesuk and let them know!

Do not miss Rick’s Café -  known for its ambiance and entertainment. Visitors have easy access to the ocean via steps and stairs carved into the rock. For adrenaline junkies there are diving boards at different heights for anyone brave enough. Perhaps the most incredible thing about Rick’s is watching the professional divers that jump from the massive trees along the cliff. Stay for evening cocktails and you’ll witness one of the most stunning sunsets of your life.