A relaxed way of approaching -- online and "alive" -- all the people who enjoy the beaches. Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… Today there’s a must to be on Internet, no matter where, what is important nowadays is good content to bring attention to the needed and curious crowd out there. We help your business to spread the word and to attract more visitors to your premises, to your social media and website.

 The Beach News creates and shares great content of interest to locals, visitors, travelers of all ages and tourists who enjoy not only to feel the ocean and the beaches, but also to:

  - catch a wave - enjoy water sports - "fly" a kitesurf - gallop a jet ski - relax in a kayak - balance on a paddle board - find a room by the ocean - swim on a paradise beach - snorkeling

have float time without leaving the water - dive - fish - visit beautiful islands - sightseeing on a boat - dine in spectacular views - eat and have fun - go to “after-beach” bars


The Beach News will take your public right where you are! We publish videos, photos, blogs about wonderful locations, operational facility, events, restaurants, hotels, hostels, campsites, watersports and descriptions of the most beautiful, secluded and/or popular beaches located near your business.

 We want to promote, free of charge, all the events that are happening near you to attract more people and to have your brand remembered all the way. We also publish your marketing release for free, space permitting.

 So, please, give us call (+1 954 857-6543 also on WhatsApp) or send us an email to  and let’s set up an appointment so we can start promoting your business in no time. At an unbelievable low cost! (Tobias Cardoso Co-editor)



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